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 The Regent Theatre on Broadway is situated in Palmerston North city, which has a population of nearly 74,000 people. That makes it New Zealand's sixth largest city. Palmerston North is strategically positioned and easily accessed from all points of the compass. Over two-thirds of New Zealand's population lives within a 400 km range.

 Palmerston North's location provides distributors with an easy access to a market of 2.6 million people and over 892,000 households There are more people with in a 200 km radius of Palmerston North than any other city outside of the Auckland region. The region also has a large tertiary student population.

 The Regent on Broadway is the regional centre for the performing arts, the city's main civic auditorium and one of its heritage jewels. The 1393 seat facility is well utilised and enjoyed by the inhabitants of the district.

 The Regent on Broadway was initially opened on 4 July 1930 as a picture palace. Almost 70 years later it was reopened after being restored and upgraded as a live performance venue.

 In 1999 the Regent on Broadway received a Certificate of Merit from the Manawatu Branch of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. This recognised the 'exemplary preservation of the Regent Theater and commendable leadership in work to preserve an historic place'.

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